While ultimately the client is the ultimate employer of an attorney, there are several business entities with which David Fussell has been associated, which were the structure through which all client services were delivered. These include:

   Fussell Law Firm, a Professional Association 2003-Present
   Orlando, Florida

David Fussell is the firm principal who serves as the chief negotiator and litigator in the firm. The firm’s clients are those being investigated, charged or tried due to criminal allegations, those who need civil representation in reference to disputes in contracts or relationships or those who need help assistance in complex personal or professional matters. These matters have included employment or labor issues. The firm has also been retained by professionals to investigate and determine the facts concerning individuals, businesses, or associations. The firm concentrates on maintaining a low client volume, so as to provide a thorough service for the client.

   The Law Offices of Horwitz and Fussell, P.A. 1991 - 2003
   Orlando, Florida

As one of two partners in a multi-attorney firm that concentrated in the areas of negotiation and litigation. David Fussell was one of two principals who had the ultimate responsibility for investigation, negotiating and litigating civil and criminal matters. In the area of criminal defense, David Fussell represented individuals charged with crimes ranging from traffic misdemeanors to capital first degree murder. David Fussell was lead counsel for cases in which clients were accused of a wide range of crimes including the crimes of racketeering, capital murder, sexual battery, organized fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, bank fraud and violating the Trading With The Enemy Act. He prepared, negotiated and litigated cases in Federal Courts in various areas of the United States as well in Florida courts.

David Fussell represented individuals who were in need of a litigator to represent them in civil cases including those involving commercial litigation, regulatory activities, personal injury, medical malpractice, racketeering and forfeiture. He maintained a significant practice in the area of federal civil forfeiture litigating forfeiture cases in various districts throughout the United States. He also investigated and negotiated disputes between employers and employees in regard to employment. He also represented individuals who were under investigation by their employer and who needed an advocate in reference to employment issues.

Lead Special Defense Trial Counsel 1987-1990
The Honorable Joseph DuRocher Orlando, Florida
Public Defender Ninth Judicial Circuit, State of Florida

Rapidly advanced from felony trial attorney to Division Chief to one of two Special Defense Lead Trial Counsel. As lead trial counsel in Special Defense David Fussell had the primary responsibility for the representation of individuals charged with the most serious of crimes primarily Capital Sexual Battery and Capital First Degree Murder. As such he was one of 2 people within the 100 plus employee office authorized to try a capital case.

Bureau Chief/Legal Advisor 1984-1986
Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission Tallahassee, Florida

David Fussell in his role as one of two Inspector Majors was responsible for the dual roles of supervising law enforcement personnel and support staff in 3 specialized law enforcement units as well as performing duties as the Legal Advisor for the Division of Law Enforcement.

As one of two law enforcement bureau chiefs he was responsible for the overall supervision of all employees within the Bureau of Aviation, Communication and Investigation. Those sections, all 3 of which had section and subordinate supervisors, were responsible for conducting the Division's long term covert and overt investigations, maintaining and operating the Commission's 7 aircraft, and maintaining the Commission's statewide communication system. Additionally, as needed David selected to personally conduct sensitive and secretive investigations, which were critical to the operation of the agency.

As the Legal Advisor to the Division of Law Enforcement, David Fussell had full responsibility for legal issues unique to the Division of Law Enforcement. This included representing the Division at various administrative proceedings including grievance, disciplinary and unemployment compensation hearings. David Fussell was also responsible for advising the division chief and agency director concerning advisable course of action, issuing legal opinions on questions of criminal, administrative, and labor law; analyzing Division policies and procedures to insure compliance with applicable regulations and representing management on organized labor, contract negotiating teams. Was responsible for reviewing and maintaining currency and regulatory compliance of the Division’s policy and procedures as well as drafting and proposing new agency mandates.

David Fussell progressed from the rank of Captain to Major to Inspector Major. As a member of the Command Staff he was the third highest ranking law enforcement supervisor within the agency.

DEPUTY SHERIFF 1978 - 1984
Leon County Sheriff's Department Tallahassee, Fl

During David’s tenure with the Sheriff’s Office, his assignments progressed from Uniform Patrol Deputy to major drug trafficking Investigator to Tactical Street Crime Investigator to Investigative Supervisor of the Special Investigations Unit. In his final role with the agency, his duties included conducting and supervising complex and sensitive investigations, drafting and reviewing search warrants, supervising and reviewing wire intercept cases, and testifying before various tribunals. Due to his technical expertise David was responsible for drafting and reviewing wire intercept documents, supervising wire intercept teams, reviewing all search warrants and supervising all clandestine operations. He also was responsible for conducting or supervising sensitive investigations assigned directly by the Sheriff. As part of his assignments to sensitive issues, David Fussell was assigned to various dignitary and celebrity protection details, including those for the President of the United States, family members of the President of the United States, actors and sports figures.
Concurrently, he was cross sworn as an Investigator with the State Attorney’s Office for the Second Judicial Circuit and was assigned first as an investigator and later as a supervisor to the Big Bend Narcotics Task Force. The task force was a multi-circuit task force consisting of federal, state and local law enforcement officers which functioned to interdict major drug smugglers who were using the panhandle of Florida as an importation or storage site. As an Investigator David Fussell was the lead investigator on several multi-ton seizures of illicit drugs, which later led to the indictment and conviction of the Sheriff of a Florida County and several other government officials.

Office of State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit, Florida Tallahassee, Fl

Responsible for an assigned caseload, from the filing of information through sentencing. Duties included conducting depositions, drafting and responding to motions and prosecuting jury and non-jury trials. At the time David had the distinction of being the only legal intern ever assigned to handle a felony case load. As a certified legal intern he tried 6 felony jury trials.

Investigative Intern 1978
Office of State Attorney, Second Judicial Circuit, Florida Tallahassee, Florida

Assigned to the investigative unit as an intern. Assigned to a specific investigator to assist as needed and shadow him in his daily duties. Through agreement between State Attorney and Sheriff, the internship ended prematurely and was transferred to the Sheriff’s Department so that David could begin his career as a deputy sheriff.